Feedly Android App Javascript Injection vulnerability exposes Millions of Users to Hackers

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By Swati Khandelwal

Source: The Hacker News

​Obamacare enrollees warned about Heartbleed super bug

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Source: RT

Re/wind: Yahoo Wants Apple to Dump Google, Amazon Wants Quicker Payments

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By Thomas Johnson and Noah Kulwin

Source: Re/code

Popcorn Time Devs Drop Like Flies, But No One Will Talk

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By Andy

Source: TorrentFreak

Official website of Bangalore City Police hacked by Pakistani hacker

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By Waqas

Source: HackRead

Risk: The Four ‘Flavors’ of Risk Assessment

By brad.bemis

Source: Security Bloggers Network

BT launches Cloud Compute in Saudi Arabia

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Source: ITP.net

Bihar BJP website hacked and defaced by Pakistani Hackers

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By Sabari Selvan

Source: E Hacking News

Lookout, DDoS Attackers Are Changing Their Techniques

By admin

Source: DDoS Attacks

IRS Targeting? How About Coerced Sex With IRS?

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By Robert W. Wood, Contributor

Source: Forbes

Microsoft Product IPv6 Compatibility

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By Windows IT Pro

Source: Security Bloggers Network

AVAST wishes you a Happy Easter

By Deborah Salmi

Source: Security Bloggers Network

Dutch Court Accepts to Extradite Russian Hacker involved in Biggest US Hacking Case

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By Wang Wei

Source: The Hacker News

SBN Sponsor Post

By Kevin Riggins

Source: Security Bloggers Network

Historical View of RDS Gateway Connections

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By Windows IT Pro

Source: Security Bloggers Network

A Look Back In Techdirt History

By Mike Masnick

Source: Techdirt

Is Your VPN / Proxy Working? Check Your Torrent IP-Address

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By Ernesto

Source: TorrentFreak

List of Most Popular Websites affected by Heartbleed (The Biggest security breach), CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD NOW

By HNBulletin

Source: Hackers News Bulletin

Heartbleed bust, Fingerprint fakery, WhatsApp privacy SNAFU - 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]

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By Paul Ducklin

Source: Naked Security

Kansa: A modular live response tool for Windows enterprises

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By davehull

Source: Security Bloggers Network

Mac How-to, tips, hints and troubleshooting

By Jay

Source: Security Bloggers Network

Awesome Stuff: Stand While You Work

By Mike Masnick

Source: Techdirt

Healthcare.gov users told to change passwords following Heartbleed flaw

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By Associated Press

Source: The Guardian

Heartbleed SSL Flaw's True Cost Will Take Time to Tally

Source: eWeek

Heartbleed bug could affect HealthCare.gov

By Megan R. Wilson

Source: TheHill

More than 20,000 major sites remain vulnerable to Heartbleed

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By Jordan Novet

Source: VentureBeat

Pennsylvania Cyber Leaders Share Insights

By Government Technology: State & Local Government News Articles

Source: Security Bloggers Network

Cyphort Adding Context To Advanced Malware Detection

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By Richard Stiennon, Contributor

Source: Forbes

Hidden Object Properties in PowerShell

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By Windows IT Pro

Source: Security Bloggers Network

Heartbleed Blows the Lid Off of Tor's Privacy

Source: Infosecurity