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By Naveed Ahmad

Source: The Hackers Post

New Backoff PoS Malware Identified in Several Attacks

By Dennis Fisher

Source: Threatpost

BlackBerry Says Voice Is Security's Final Frontier

Source: eWeek

Lawmakers find billions to save in spy satellite purchases

By Julian Hattem

Source: TheHill

Twitter acquiring password security manager startup Mitro Labs

Source: ZDNet

Twitter buys a password security startup, then sets it free

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By Ruth Reader

Source: VentureBeat

Senate Dem eyeing tougher rules for phone bills

By Kate Tummarello

Source: TheHill

Introducing EFF's Stupid Patent of the Month

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By Vera Ranieri

Source: EFF

Microsoft Ordered to Turn Over Emails Stored in Ireland

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By Windows IT Pro

Source: Security Bloggers Network

Sandwich Chain Jimmy John’s Investigating Breach Claims

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By BrianKrebs

Source: Krebs on Security

Microsoft Releases New Version of EMET Exploit Mitigation Tool

By Michael Mimoso

Source: Threatpost

Twitter reports a rise in government data requests

By IDGNS staff

Source: ITworld

BadUSB: Big, bad USB security problems ahead

Source: ZDNet

Hackers Can Tap USB Devices, Researcher Warns

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By Jim Finkle

Source: Re/code

Thank You For Supporting Our Net Neutrality Reporting

By Mike Masnick

Source: Techdirt