Surface Pro 3 problems linger despite three firmware patches in a month

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By InfoWorld Tech Watch

Source: Infoworld

Anatomy of an iTunes phish - tips to avoid getting caught out

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By Paul Ducklin

Source: Naked Security

XSS Flaw Fixed in Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall

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By Softpedia News (Ionut Ilascu)

Source: Softpedia

Another botched Microsoft patch: Office 365 ProPlus says 'Something went wrong'

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By InfoWorld Tech Watch

Source: Infoworld

Russia Paying for a Tor Break

By Bruce Schneier

Source: Schneier on Security

Panopticlick reveals the cookie you can't delete

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By Mark Stockley

Source: Naked Security

Evil Twin Google Fakebots Slip Under the Radar

Source: Infosecurity

Dissecting the CVE-2013-2460 Java Exploit

By Sameer Patil

Source: Security Bloggers Network

Former CIA Boss George Tenet Leading Plans To Attack Upcoming Senate Report On CIA's Torture Program

By Mike Masnick

Source: Techdirt

ICO warns big data project must abide by privacy laws

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By Dan Worth


Digital Supply Chain (In)Security

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By Dave Lewis, Contributor

Source: Forbes

Mobile security: A mother lode of new tools

By (Lamont Wood)

Source: Computerworld

How to break into people's homes with your mobile phone

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By Lisa Vaas

Source: Naked Security

Instagram Mobile App Issue Leads to Account Hijacking Vulnerability

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By Swati Khandelwal

Source: The Hacker News

Hackers Trick Facebook Users into Self Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Scam

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By Softpedia News (Ionut Ilascu)

Source: Softpedia