Wi-Fi security boost just over the horizon

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Swiss Banks Targeted by Clever Malware

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By Softpedia News (Ionut Ilascu)

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Homeland Security gets into software security

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Seven arrests over $1.6m eBay StubHub cyber scam

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By Alastair Stevenson

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BMW's ConnectedDrive falls over, bosses blame upgrade snafu

By John Leyden

Source: The Register

Hacker claims breach of Wall Street Journal and Vice

By Lisa Vaas

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eBay's StubHub ransacked for over $1 million, international crime ring arrested

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By Lisa Vaas

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ECB says website hacked, no sensitive data affected

By martin

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The Intercept Reveals The US Government's Guidebook For Declaring Your A Terrorist Or Putting You On The No Fly List

By Mike Masnick

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How Hackers Hid a Money-Mining Botnet in Amazon’s Cloud

By Andy Greenberg

Source: Wired

Google and Microsoft to meet EU data watchdogs over Right to be Forgotten

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By Dan Worth

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European Central Bank suffers security breach, personal data stolen

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Apple confirms iOS backdoors, researcher says explanation is misleading

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Events for the week of Jul 27-Aug 2, 2014

By Jeff Brocious

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Tech firms seek life after death for online accounts

By Kate Tummarello

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