Oxford English Dictionary: Killed And Saved By The Internet

By Glyn Moody

Source: Techdirt

Pakistani National Portal, Cabinet Ministry, and Ministry of Defense Hacked

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By Softpedia News (Eduard Kovacs)

Source: Softpedia

Summary: Time and Tourists

By rmogull@securosis.com

Source: Securosis

Meaning matters: Why Google switched to numeric captchas

By Elie Bursztein

Source: Security Bloggers Network

Too Busy for Round Wheels

By Josh Goldfarb

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eBook: APT Protection for Dummies

Source: Help Net Security

Bloomberg Summit Speakers Weigh Threat to IT Vendors From Public Cloud

Source: eWeek

Attention General Counsel: Do You Know Your DDoS from Your ATP?

By Ambyr O’Donnell

Source: The State of Security

Free Computer Tools for Internet and Browser Forensics

By Tripwire Guest Authors

Source: The State of Security

ICS-ISAC: Understanding and Implementing Shared Situational Awareness


Source: The State of Security

Big Tech Companies Agree To Pay Up Over Hiring Collusion

By Mike Masnick

Source: Techdirt

Use PowerShell to List RDS Sessions

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By Windows IT Pro

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DailyDirt: There Will Be Blood... And DNA And Stem Cells

By Michael Ho

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Sending A Message: It's Time To Stop Secret Trade Agreements That Undermine Democracy

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By Mike Masnick

Source: Techdirt

Responding to New SSL Cybersecurity Threats — Gartner Featured Research

By Venafi Blog

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Microsoft Earns Less, But Beats Expectations

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By Windows IT Pro

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Covert Bitcoin miner found stashed in malicious Google Play apps

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By Dan Goodin

Source: Ars Technica

Here we go again: Viber mobile messenger app leaves user data unencrypted

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By John Zorabedian

Source: Naked Security

Netflix: Comcast lying about its Internet 'tolls'

By Kate Tummarello

Source: TheHill

Microsoft’s commitment to the Core Infrastructure Initiative

By Trusted Cloud Team

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LogMeIn's Join.me Online Meeting App Gets New Enterprise Version

Source: eWeek

Backlash Aftermath: King Suddenly Turns Amicable In Trademark Disputes

By Timothy Geigner

Source: Techdirt

NUnit and Visual Studio Online

By André N. Klingsheim

Source: Security Bloggers Network

FCC's New Rules Could Threaten Net Neutrality

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By April Glaser and Corynne McSherry

Source: EFF

Bank of England to hire penetration testers to attack financial firms

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By Lisa Vaas

Source: Naked Security

New leaks expose how the FBI directed Anonymous’ hacks

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Source: RT

Google Asks Developers to Tighten User Log-In Security Measures

Source: eWeek

Neustar 2014 DDoS Attacks and Impact Report

Source: ITworld

Americans Suffering More Online Personal Data Breaches than Ever Before

Source: Infosecurity

Zero-Day Attacks are not the same as Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

By Zheng Bu

Source: Security Bloggers Network