Man & Machine: Why Security Needs a Human Touch

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By Jay Kaplan

Source: Re/code

How to Mitigate Space Industry Cyber Challenges Related to Satellite Hacking & Jamming

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By Nauman Ashraf

Source: The Hackers Post

Happy SysAdminDay!

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By Naked Security writer

Source: Naked Security

What's the worst thing you can say to a sysadmin? [POLL]

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By Naked Security writer

Source: Naked Security

Who Scalps Ticket Scalpers? IRS

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By Robert W. Wood, Contributor

Source: Forbes

A day in the life of a Sophos SysAdmin

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By Anna Brading

Source: Naked Security

Comcast Ramps Up Ad Campaign Claiming To Support Net Neutrality, Even As It Really Supports Killing It

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By Mike Masnick

Source: Techdirt

Firefox adds anti-malware file reputation service

Source: ZDNet

BYOD Programs Leave Several Security Holes Open

Source: eWeek

Google and EU debate on implementation of "right to be forgotten"

Source: Help Net Security

Android “FBI Lock” malware – how to avoid paying the ransom

By Paul Ducklin

Source: Security Bloggers Network

Android "FBI Lock" malware - how to avoid paying the ransom

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By Paul Ducklin

Source: Naked Security

European Central Bank Blackmailed After Data Breach

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By Nextgov Staff

Source: Nextgov

The Apple backdoor that wasn’t

By ZDNet | Zero Day Blog RSS

Source: Security Bloggers Network

The Apple backdoor that wasn't

Source: ZDNet