BlackBerry to slurp encrypted mobile comms firm Secusmart

By Brid-Aine Parnell

Source: The Register

Ad Hoc Security's Surprisingly Negative Residual Effect

Source: Infosec Island

Implementing an Intelligence-Driven Security Strategy: 10 Data Points

Source: eWeek

Recording Industry Willfully Misreads The Law In Order To Sue Ford & GM For Having Built-in CD Rippers

By Mike Masnick

Source: Techdirt

Canada’s National Research Council Shuts Down Systems to Stop Cyber Attack

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By Softpedia News (Ionut Ilascu)

Source: Softpedia

The Perfect InfoSec Mindset: Paranoia + Skepticism

By Corey Nachreiner

Source: Dark Reading

The Future Is Now: Threats That Were Never Supposed to Happen Are Here

By RSA Conference Blog

Source: Security Bloggers Network

Spotlight: Hackers exploit elasticsearch hole to launch cloud-based DDoS attacks

By Fred Donovan

Source: FierceITSecurity

Chinese hackers steal data on Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system

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By Waqas

Source: HackRead

Virtual servers still face real security threats

By IDGNS staff

Source: ITworld

Chinese military “hacked” Israel’s Iron Dome

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Source: Ars Technica

Open Redirect Vulnerability on MasterCard’s Australia Web Site

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By Lucian Ciolacu

Source: HOTforSecurity

Instasheep: Coder builds tool to hijack Instagram accounts over Wi-Fi

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By Sean Gallagher

Source: Ars Technica

Fake ID Flaw Puts Android Users at Risk

Source: eWeek

US-Based Tech Support Firm Sells Unlicensed Malwarebytes Software

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By Softpedia News (Ionut Ilascu)

Source: Softpedia