Westpac makes $84m from digital sales  computerworld.com.au

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Is the NSA trying to Crack Bitcoin?  newsbtc.com

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Bitcoin is still around, but do you even care?  businesstech.co.za

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The Big Reverse Of The Web  techcrunch.com

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Dubai plans $1.2bn new creative business hub  arabianbusiness.com

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Can Indian IT firms like Infosys, TCS sustain growth?  timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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Why Facebook’s Internet.org faces backlash in India  kernelmag.dailydot.com

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Startups taking over Beijing's Zhongguancun district  wantchinatimes.com

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Is Bitcoin Price Setting Up For Decline?  cryptocoinsnews.com

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When will we find aliens?  bbc.com

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Why Startups Need a Multilingual Website  blog.bablic.com

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Knowing where you are in a smart home  itproportal.com

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